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An invitation to strengthen your muscle testing skills

with founder, trainer & mentor


The Healer's Blueprint is an amazing map of human energy. By asking questions of the body while using the Blueprint, we can open the door to healing in a unique way. Then, using an energy release technique, we reset the memory of the cells, restoring them to their original blueprint and intelligence. All this we do with faith in Jesus Christ, who makes all things possible.

Every energy worker is a unique blend of life experiences, gifts, and education that results in a package and style unlike anyone else. Every practitioner is his or her own modality. The Healer's Blueprint is a modality of questions to assist healers in getting to deeper issues and unleashing unrealized resources within and doing that from a cellular level. The subconscious mind runs the body and all memory. That memory is stored in every body cell. If we clear the cells of any dysfunctional subconscious memory, we may clear habits and patterns of behavior that have been creating lifelong limiting beliefs.

Our goal in using the Healer’s Blueprint is to identify the old structures of survival that have been built by the subconscious mind, through life experiences, and deconstruct that damage. The repair and reconstruction of a beautiful new mind-body structure is built by choice; beaming with wisdom, truth, and love.

The Healer’s Blueprint is a faith-based modality. We recognize that ALL healing of the body and the mind may come only through the love and light of Christ.

HB Workshop

March 10 & 11, 2023

 Springville Utah

Healer's Retreat 

Sept. 20-23, 2023

​HB Practitioners only 

Location TBA

Muscle Testing

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"I went from [hopeless] to looking forward to my day and having the energy and enthusiasm to face it! It’s as if a big, dark cloud lifts off and reveals the sunshine you always knew was there, but seemed inaccessible. Thanks so much!" 


"I have found more inner peace and feeling of wholeness. When I started this journey, I never thought it would have been possible for me to get help with all of my emotional garbage.  I was wrong.  I got the help I needed and found myself during this journey.  Thanks, Healers Blueprint is divinely inspired and I'm so grateful to be a part of it!"   


"This modality has changed my life.  It has given me relief, clarity, purpose, and REAL HEALING.  It has helped me ACCESS THE ATONEMENT in new ways which I never could have imagined.  I am SO GRATEFUL!​
"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             KB