After years of service as a successful life coach, mentor and practitioner in the healing arts, Tam Pendleton struggled for a seamless way to serve others using her unique skill set. She realized a very real trend in her clientele as well; extremely talented energy healers were coming to her for mentoring on how they could make their business more successful. She realized specific patterns and limiting beliefs in Healers, which could sabotage any business. And then one day, the lights went on! The Healers Blueprint and a complete pattern for cellular energy release poured into her mind in a matter of was a gift.

KB, Utah


THANK you SO much for the session. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted ...the core session was by far more than I expected. 

CC, Utah


MG, Utah


 My family and wife have noticed a difference physically and spiritually. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sending buckets full of love!"


The Healer's Blueprint Complete Study Program

I feel liberated and whole. I have found a place of peace. After years of searching and suffering, I feel clarity and healing. This tool was key.
The Complete Study Program contains all of the materials used by our practitioners for home study, and in the Healer's Academy. The tuition includes a live two-day workshop to insure you have a basic understanding of the materials. Included in the Healer’s Blueprint Complete Study Program are: a Blueprint (the map), a manual, a reference guide, positive and negative emotion charts, the handy Pocketbook for working on the go. Plus scripts and visualizations, and 50+ hours of video and audio to teach you step by step; all placed inside a travel size box for safe keeping.

Included in your purchase is a two and a half day instructional workshop to help you understand how to use the materials. In addition to receiving the material and instruction needed for the Healer’s Blueprint modality, you will be receiving Core Program Release Therapy (C.P.R.T.)TM Clearing as tools to help your clients obtain deeper, more complete and life changing results.

Core Program Release Therapy (C.P.R.T.)TM

C.P.R.T. is a specialized method, focussing on  

identifying the client's deep, life-limiting programming

and fundamental belief systems.

C.P.R.T. is a sister modality to the Healer's Blueprint.

In essence, it is a major piece of the Blueprint...

complimenting and synergistically enhancing each other.

What is the Healer's Blueprint?

The Healer's Blueprint is a modality for energy practitioners. It is a collection of 
specific energy questions that can help the mind-body connection become cleaner and clearer using a powerful Cellular Energy Release.

Pioneers in the field of energy, like Dr. Bradley Nelson, Bruce Lipton, and Albert Einstein have forged a new understanding of holistic possibilities for greater health and well being, without invasive procedures or dangerous substances. Implementing the principles of energy medicine and energy psychology, our students use the Healer's Blueprint as a Cellular Energy Release to clear stress from the subconscious mind and the cellular structures of the body.

All of this assists our student to:

Simplifying their relationships 

Identify and clear core emotional issues

Identify negative or limiting belief programming 

Learn the skills of “Mindfulness” and “Self-Awareness”

Develop the skills to forgive the hard stuff. ​

Clear emotional baggage

Face and Overcome scarcity issues

Learn to Give and Receive more abundantly

Build powerful personal boundaries, ethics and integrity

Align the mind-body-spirit connection

Dream again! Create again! Feel again!