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WEEKLY Training

Take part in live weekly webinars as part of a hand-selected group of healers. Ask questions, get answers, and build your skill set. Get busy making an income!

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Enrollment INCLUDES the Hardwired for Happy Mentoring Program.

Learn Life Coaching skills to help yourself and others rewire themselves for more confidence and personal power! 

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"THANK you SO much. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted and I am looking forward to speaking with you again. I want to say that the core session was by far more than I expected. I had no idea that those beliefs were so deeply rooted and I am glad to have them gone."   

"Tam's modality, The Healer's Blueprint, took me to the core of my dysfunction in weeks that honestly, I never would have addressed in this lifetime otherwise. Getting to help other people shift at this quantum speed is an awe inspiring gift. I am filled beyond with what I started each and every time. It has enhanced my intuition by leaps and bounds. I love 'seeing' our existence by this light."


This was my perfect fit and I felt the spirit so many times, this was put together so perfectly! You couldn't improve it [Academy]... I loved every minute of this.  The DVD set was amazing and I have grown and healed so much of my own issues.

Thank you for all you do! 

​                                                                                                                                                                                  DM

As I read through the manual and listen to your lessons, as I follow your posts on FB and listen to the classes / calls you conduct... I am aware of several things. First, Spirit bears witness to me again and again that I’m doing the right thing in participating in this Academy. Second I LOVE being in the energy field of a woman of courage who is living in her zone of Genius! A woman who has dedicated her life to Love, Light, Truth and Service. Your humility and transparent truthfulness create a safe and loving place for your students (and I’m sure your clients) to be vulnerable and authentic. What a gift of Love that is!
On the call the other night, it was truly amazing to watch the Spirit work through you with your interaction with everyone. Your willingness and availability to do your Father’s work here is creating safe passage for those with the gifts of healing to do Their work. The ripples of Love go out and out, with no end, for eternity!!! 


This has been an amazing experience! I have grown so much and have pulled out things I had no idea were there. The Blueprint has helped me to love myself and see the Lords plan for my life. 

The manuals are amazing!  It helps so much to read what's in the manual as I'm working on someone and am led to a specific place. As I read the info there the Lord guides me to know exactly what's going on. I love it so much.  I have grown so much closer to the Lord as I develop my gifts and do this work with Him.  Thank you for this.  The DVD's are great and I learn a lot from them.




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Why join the academy? This is a unique opportunity to dive into the Blueprint and grow more fully as a practitioner. Along with the Complete Study Program, you'll attend live, weekly online classes, designed to help you build your practice and achieve the desired results for yourself and your clients. This interactive webinar style classroom is tailored to allow each student the opportunity to ask questions of the group and Tam Pendleton, the instructor. This format provides opportunities to assist each individual and also, to do group energy healing work. As a student you move through the material week by week with homework specifically assigned to help you heal and progress while learning to fully grasp new concepts. Included in the weekly webinars and homework is the opportunity to participate in Tam’s empowering mentoring program Hardwired for Happy... this program has successfully helped hundreds of people build positive life skills that benefit themselves and their families. These assignments are fun to share with the family.
One definite benefit of the academy is the opportunity to work one-on-one others in the group through trade partners. Each week you meet with a trade partner from among your classmates who is also learning how to use the skill taught in the materials and in the weekly webinars. These trade partners help you learn the skills to use the blueprint while working with a client. This way, you and your partner each receive a weekly an energy healing session,and an occasion to discuss what you’re learning in class, and in the homework materials. Here we learn and grow by doing.
Throughout the course of the academy you will be meeting with a personal mentor who will help you hone your skills, answer your questions and learn to mentor your own clients during these life changing healing sessions. These incredible mentors are tried and true Certified Healer’s Blueprint practitioners, themselves.
Only Healer’s Academy students who complete the course and meet the requirements are eligible to certify as a practitioner (CHBP). This certification process builds confidence, powerful skills and provides experience needed for success.  Helping others realize greater happiness and meaning in life is a sure way to find personal progression as well. There is a fee for certification. If you are looking to build a healing practice, your photo and information will be shared on this website as an endorsement of your achievement.

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Elizabeth Teerlink


​Fall Academy: Aug 30th to Dec 6th 2021


 Price includes materials, a Workshop and the Academy    


Experience your own transformation through healing sessions with a personal mentor, then hone your skill weekly in 1-on-1 session trades with a classmate to ensure maximum success!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Academy...

How much time per week is involved in the Academy?

On average, from 6 to 10 hours per week.

Here is the breakdown:
2 hours, live, Academy meeting- an online mentoring call with Tam. Recorded for replay. 
2 to 3 hours of homework per week...approximately :-)
2 hours of trade partner work, one hour each (in person or phone or skype).

What time is the weekly Academy Meeting?

We meet on Monday morning, from 10:00 am Mountain Time until noon. ONLINE.

Can I work at my own pace?

The homework is on a flash drive, and in an email. You can watch the training videos at your convenience. 

When do I meet with my trade partner?
You will be able to contact each other and find a time that works for both of you.
Some people spend more time than this, some less, you have 14 weeks to finish the work and to spend time with your personal mentor.

Do I have to attend a LIVE Healer's Blueprint Workshop?

Attendance at a workshop is included in the cost of the Healer's Blueprint and is very helpful for learning to use this wonderful modality. Our students come from all over the world, and may not be able to attend a live workshop in the states, but can still successfully participate in the Academy.

What is the role of my personal Mentor? How does that work?

A mentor is responsible for answering questions about the Blueprint and helping students to understand how to successfully navigate the Blueprint. If needed, mentors may also do a typical Healer's Blueprint session with the student. The student is given six, one hour sessions with a mentor. If the student would like any additional sessions, those are to be arranged, and paid for privately with the mentor.

What if I want to attend the Academy but I don't have the money?

It is expected that tuition be paid, upfront, prior to the beginning of the semester. If there is a special need, payment arrangements can be made, the balance to the tuition must be paid in full, one month before the semester's end.

What else comes with the Academy?

You'll receive Tam Pendleton's own personal development mentoring program called "Hardwired For Happy". These ten mentoring principles are just the thing to help yourself and your clients learn to create new personal habits and patterns that will support the energy shifts made while using the Healer's Blueprint.

Also, you will receive a series of recorded Healer's Blueprint sessions, called "The HB 12". This series addresses each of the 12 vectors, or areas of the Healer's Blueprint. Each recording is a relaxation visualization to assist you to clear out as much of your own personal energy toxicity as you are comfortable to address. These  are audio sessions that can be downloaded to a device and listened to over and over.

We encourage you to share Hardwired For Happy and the HB 12 Sessions with those family members who live with you. 

Maren Rondon