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Tam Pendleton

Board Certified Traditional Naturopath

Mentor and Trainer

Founder of:

 The Healers Blueprint 

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The Healer's Blueprint


Integrating Wellness Center, LLC

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I would like to say a big thank you to Tam for working via Proxy with the Body Code to help my personal well-being. She untangled my broken heart, which was incased in cement – worked on my Spirit Body including my Crown and Solar Chakras, which were affecting my personal power through grief, loss, terror. rage. bitterness and humiliation.   

45 years ago, my first marriage was volatile, as my husband was unfaithful and also caused me physical harm. I divorced him and cared financially on my own to raise my son and daughter with no help at all from him. I became masculine in my approach to survival and Tam found that my Spirit Body was carrying ‘Masculine Energy” as a protection, which was affecting my ability to life because of feminine distortion. She called upon my Yin Yang – and the wall of masculine energy to dismiss all entities of that spiritual cement wall.

I also had 4 cordings, which she removed, and this has been amazing as I have notice the change within myself. I have detached myself from family problems, and the problems just seem to float over my head and I can deal with them so blissfully easily. Wonderful to be able to step back and not take the responsibility of everyone on board like I was.

I was also having problems with my sciatic nerve on the left. T/E associated were Rage, Shock and Betrayal. She then checked my Heart Wall extracting a Broken Heart and the numbness added to that wall, the fear of feeling physical and emotional abuse and giving me a greater hope of life with my true self. She also aligned my heart spirit to spirit, breaking me free.

At the end of the session she asked me if there was anything else that needed addressing, and I told her I could not look at my own reflection. Tam removed the blinders and I now can look at my reflection and say I love you to myself. I actually like what I see, how marvelous is that? I have given Tam permission to use my letter as a reference on her website.

​DCM, New Zealand

Email Tam at info@healersblueprint.com