​​​​Healer's Blueprint Calendar

​​HB Alumni Blueprint Refresher Class-Play Day! Come See what we are up to-

Spend the day catching up on the latest HB techniques...          


         Friday January 26th- Boise (Middleton), ID 9-5:30

         Friday February 2nd- Mesa, AZ 9-5:30

         Saturday February 10th-Springville, UT 9-5:30

Healer's Academy Spring Semester Begins Feb. 5th, 2018--- ONLINE

HB Workshop May 9-11 in Am Fork, UT

Energy Healing Conference June 28-29 in Salt Lake City, UT

HB Workshop August 22-24 in Ogden, UT

​HB Workshop November 7-9 in Am Fork, UT

HB Alumni Refresher Class

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